'What does it mean to be human?'


In the not too distant future, all physical human touch is controlled and regulated by the government. It is a system built upon fear and extremism. Couples must schedule 'intimacy sessions' before physical contact is made. All physical human contact unapproved by the Party, as registered by 'skindicators,' is a capital offense. Citizens are provided 'social credit scores' that dictate their ability to work, buy property, even whether or not they are allowed to have children. Capital punishment is based on the senses. Commit a crime strong enough, any sense - taste, smell, sight, hearing, touch - could be in jeopardy of being removed. Permanently.

A mysterious group known as the Body Electric dares to challenge such a system, and in doing so, seeks to rediscover and embrace the very essence of humanity and connection.​

'We have power. We have choice. We are electric.'

TOUCH and TOUCH: INCARNATION are a pair of multi-sensory immersive theatrical experiences that will take participants on a journey of exploration and remind them just exactly what it really means to be human.

TOUCH is an immersive performance​ limited to audiences of ten people per show.

TOUCH: INCARNATION is a solo sensorial journey designed for audiences of one.

Two unique events. One electric world.







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